Pranic Healing is a technique that has existed for ages in the history of civilization, but only a few knew and utilized its secrets. But Master Choa Kok Sui, a Philipino of Chinese descent, raised the awareness and application of Pranic Healing after years of inquiry and research on subtle energy and its applications.
An energy expert, an Arhatic yogi practitioner, a chemical engineer, a businessman and a mentor, Master Choa developed unrelenting interest in spirituality despite growing up in a business family. He sought gurus to answer his questions and he spent about 40 years studying and practicing yoga.
He specifically studied crystal healing, psychic self-defense, meditation, clairvoyance and feng shui. He eventually translated his vast knowledge in 1980s into practical use thus conceptualizing and applying pranic healing and arhatic yoga in helping people to solve their problems.

Maser Choa Kok Sui

His Works

The scholar published over 20 books. The most famous ones include The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing which was later released with a new title Miracles through Pranic Healing. His works proved highly popular and have been translated into 27 languages and read in over 40 countries.

He also authored Pranic Phychotherapy in 1990, Pranic Crystal Healing in 1996, and Meditation for Soul Realization in 2000, among others.

The term Pranic is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’ which means “vital life force”. It refers to the invisible energy that surrounds and runs through our individual bodies providing us with balance and harmony. This energy, according to Master Choa, comes from the sun, the air and the earth.

Pranic Secrets

Although only few have known and utilized this energy in healing over the ages, Master Choa set out to educate as many people as possible about it, to make the skill become common in every family. Those trained in Pranic Healing acquire abilities to diagnose and detect when and where an individual has an imbalance in his or her energy body.

The practitioner then cleanses the chakras (energy centers) and repairs them to restore stability in the individual. In so doing more energy is recharged into the ailing part of one’s body and this speeds up the body’s self-recovery.

Master Choa is also associated with Arhatic yoga that is concerned with use of virtues of love, intelligence and will to realize growth in spirituality. Master Choa whose name means the fortune of the world helped to establish over 100 healing centers in over 90 countries.

He established two important organizations to continue with his works – that is ‘The Institute of Inner Studies’ and the GMCKS World Pranic Healing Foundation. His spirit left his body on March 19 2007, in Quezon City Philipines, but his teachings of Pranic Healing live on.