Ms Pereira Evelyn

Ms Pereira Evelyn has practiced Pranic Healing since 2008. She is an instructor for the GMCKS Pranic Healing Level 1 Workshop. Based in Mombasa, Kenya, she receives clients from the City, the entire country and beyond. Ms Evelyn got into the profession out of curiosity and it was not long before she discovered the effectiveness of Pranic Healing in reducing an individual’s pain and suffering. She has had a passion of helping people since her childhood and she now uses her Pranic Healing skills to do that. She is also the Co-founder of ‘ACU-HEALTH NATURE CURE INSTITUTE’ - a leading Alternative/Complementary Therapy Clinic and Pranic Healing Center in Mombasa.


She draws her inspiration from the works of Master Choa Kok Sui and believes proper application of his protocols can address numerous physical and psychosocial problems afflicting numerous individuals everywhere. Ms Evelyn has successfully healed several individuals including helping a woman with tonsillitis to escape a doctor’s scalpel after she healed drastically in only two days. She also performed Pranic Healing on a patient who had suffered a stroke and the person started walking after the third session, to the disbelief of her husband. In a region where superstition still reins high, Pranic healers like Ms Evelyn has often to grapple with the challenge of making people understand Pranic Healing for what it is: a no-touch, no-drug healing technique that utilizes prana (human energy from within and around him/her) to quicken self-recovery of the ailing person.


She encourages people to still continue attending their doctors’ appointments adding: “Pranic healing speeds up recovery. It does not replace conventional medicine; rather the two work hand in hand.” She is an instructor for the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) Pranic Healing Foundation of East Africa, which is an affiliate of the Institute for Inner Studies (IIS) and the World Pranic Healing Foundation (WPHF) based in Manila, Philipines. Evelyn works for her family business Nyali Air conditioning & Refrigeration Services Ltd. She conducts healings in her free time and gives lectures on Stress Management, Meditation on Twin Hearts and how subtle energy can be used to improve lives and relationships.


  • GMCKS Pranic Healing Foundation of East Africa
  • Main branches are Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Arusha.
  • Institute of Inner Studies
  • Headquartered in Manila, Philipines.

    Institute Of Inner Studies

  • World Pranic Healing Foundation
  • Headquartered in Manila, Philipines.

    World Pranic Healing